Algirdas Milašius

Algirdas Milašius is a practicing Scrum Master & Agile enthusiast and a PSM 1 certificate holder. He recently led a 4-hour workshop on agile fundamentals for TransUnions Testers academy (TUTA).

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Title of presentation: Why I Hope Your Last Retro was the Worst You Ever Had

This presentation is a short journey of "what are" and "why people do" retros (i.e., retrospectives). Algirdas is going to tell you how it became important to have a default "fit all" format, and how we can adapt it to fit your team better. For example, you could introduce different kinds of online tools, use various types of retros (liberating structures, continuous retros, timelines, etc.), and talk about people's motivation (personal motivation types, energy). The presentation is inspired by the "Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great" book, written by Diana Larsen, Esther Derby, and Ken Schwaber.