Bent Myllerup

Bent Myllerup is cofounder of Better Change, an organization of master-level agile coaches in Europe and South Africa. He is a Certified Enterprise Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. He holds a Master in Management Development (MMD) from Copenhagen Business School and is normally focusing on leadership and culture in his engagements with clients. Bent is offering various training programs under Agile Leadership JourneyICAgile, and Scrum Alliance.

Title of presentation: Mastering Agile Coaching.

According to the State of Agile Coaching Report 2021, only 19% of people who consider themselves to be Agile Coaches have a master-level certification in this area. Bent doesn’t believe that you can blindly evaluate people’s competencies based on their collection of badges, but he thinks there is a degree of truth within the numbers. Bent sees it as a potential risk of damaging the reputation of the profession when the numbers are as low as indicated.

What does it take to be a master Agile coach?

Well, first you must have your Agile foundation in order. You must know where Agile comes from; you must live the values and principles; you must know the various frameworks and practices, and you must have the personal experiences of practicing it yourself for years. You must have had your hands on the hobs for a while and know how it feels and smells.

Another important matter is your awareness of your personal experiences and opinions as not directly applicable to the context of those you are coaching. Often Agile coaches are contracted for a limited time to help an organization implement agile approaches. There is no chance you are going to gain a deep insight into the dynamics of the organization in this short time. You need to rely on the members of the organization and, in Brent’s opinion, you serve them best by enabling them to manage the change. In other words, unlock their potential to succeed with Agile.

This is where Systemic coaching comes in. Bent’s experience is that the clients of Agile coaches highly benefit from their coach being skillful in professional coaching techniques, as this enables them to take ownership and act during the change.

Bent has been educating Agile coaches in professional coaching techniques for more than a decade, and in this workshop, he will take you through the fundamentals of Systemic coaching and some of the advanced techniques as well. Most importantly, Bent will do this by making you practice it throughout the workshop. He will also address when coaching is not the answer.

You do not become a full-blown systemic coach after these few hours, but you have started on your journey of mastering Agile coaching, and you will be ready to apply the learnings in your practice right away.