Dave Westgarth

Dave Westgarth worked in digital project delivery across industries and positions starting with consultancy, then public sector. He is currently working in the e-commerce/ SAAS universe with Attraqt. Dave enjoys working with teams to deliver value and improve user and customer outcomes. He’s served on software development, automation, cloud, and service transformation projects using a variety of delivery approaches while looking to champion agile values and technical excellence

Dave’s spoken at the community of practice sessions, organizational lunch and learns, and recently more remote meetups while pandemic measures were in place. He loves talking about all things agile, project management, and delivery!

Title of presentation: How To Theme Your Retros.

Retros are a great tool in your delivery manager arsenal and can be used to improve quality and effectiveness, increase team cohesion and add more of the human element to your role and work life.

This talk will cover how to theme, frame, and revitalize your retro sessions. Retrospectives don't need to be pedestrian, boring, and done on autopilot. From sports to video games, Netflix, and music you can use almost any subject matter to spice up your retrospectives, drive team engagement and freshen up your approach and retro session formats.