Staffan Nöteberg

Staffan Nöteberg has spent 20 years as a principal consultant in Agile coaching and leadership. He is the author of the bestselling - 700.000 copies sold worldwide - books about Monotasking (2021) and Pomodoro (2009). He is also a popular keynote speaker.

Title of presentation: The Mythical Sprint Goal - 20 Reasons to Skip the Sprint Backlog

Do you stuff your sprint up front with small tasks? Do you prioritize based on deadlines, dependencies, and competence capacity? Isolated tasks are completed, but did we create any value for our customers? Tomorrow, try something new. What would make the most value right now? Come together as a truly cross-functional team and work in one direction. Skip the sprint backlog and let the sprint goal be the first topic in every daily scrum. Come and listen to Staffan explain why this is more agile, productive, and fun.