Ceren Yildirim

 Ceren is a passionate and experienced CSM® Certified Agile Coach, helping organizations and teams transforming their work processes. She is a visual learner and a visual thinker. She loves to help people to visualize their communication so that they can derive transparency. She has more than 15 years of banking and insurance industry experience within information technologies, including business analysis, usability and business solutions. Ceren has also been practicing pencil drawing, charcoal and collage work and oil painting for nearly 20 years. She is now working as an Agile Coach at Ericsson.

Title of presentation: The Importance of Psychological Safety in Agile Teams.

Do you feel psychologically safe at work? Do you think your team has a psychologically safe environment?
It is really important to encourage your team to share and discuss problems, errors and failures and to ask for help.
As I am passionate about both agility and visuals, in this workshop, you will be experiencing the power they bring together.
If you are focusing on the conditions needed for the agile teams to become autonomous, more happy, continuously improve and have a psychological safe environment, please come join me with your pens and papers and we will discuss psychological safety while drawing together and having fun!