Charles-Louis de Maere

Charles-Louis de Maere’s mission is to make the world a better place one step at a time by reducing frustration levels in the workplace. His main area of expertise is in the field of human relationships.

As a Scrum Master/Agile Coach, Charles-Louis thrives when bringing people in contact with agile values and letting them apply their understanding of it to their context. This can be limited to the IT department. However, he’s noticed the benefits are much higher when everyone is on board. Charles-Louis is also more interested in pragmatism than applying dogmas without reflection. The goal should still be to work on something of value and perform relevant work. He’s worked both with start-ups as well as big institutions, adapting his coaching to what’s needed.

As a trainer/facilitator, Charles-Louis strongly believes people learn at their best when they are given the space to experiment and start important conversations. Although he has a fair idea of the structure of the training, he also lets the training topics emerge from what the participants actually need in order to enrich their experience, rather than enforcing his strict training program.

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Title of presentation: Fairy Tales at Work, Why Not?

The workshop is focused on high interaction between people. At the beginning of the session, they will get acquainted with a story. Some might know it, others might not.

Throughout the storytelling, they will be invited to work in small groups to create meaning from what happened, bringing their own perspective in groups, then back in plenary.

The facilitation aspect will highlight how we can use existing stories, and fairy tales, as a vessel for communication, be it on a project, during a retrospective, for new team members, and works as well in person or remotely.