Tomas Lekavičius

As a founder and CEO of PILIGREE, Tomas Lekavičius focuses on building the technology for human transformation. The product is the ecosystem of leadership, mental health, and career development experts, where personalized employee learning experiences at scale meet serious business value. Tomas has 12+ years of experience leading global agile technology teams & industry-leading products (from international LMS in Malaysia to supply chain optimisation powered by AI in London). In the last 2 years, he’s consulted and trained 800+ tech leaders. Few of Tomas’ private clients include companies like TransUnion, Ignitis, Festo, Exacaster, Deeper, Adform, TransferGo, VoltasIT, AL Holding, Nortal, etc. Tomas works closely with agile leaders, development/engineering teams, and business/product managers not only on strategic planning but on a tactical level as well.

Title of presentation: Agile Way of Thinking and Operating: Diagnostics, Decisions, Long-term Productivity.

Your ability to think critically, make smart decisions, and ensure your team's long-term productivity depends on many aspects. But a lot of Agile users and leaders fail at the very first phase: diagnostics. How to identify the real causes of any problem you have, and how to operate from a place of clarity and certainty? Cookie-cutter methods and tools do not work. The level of success, ROI, and goals you achieve will depend entirely on how aligned your pursuits (and business model, and processes) stay aligned with you and your team's unique disposition.