Anthony Pagliocco

Tony is a customer-obsessed, people-centered, strategic product management leader and change agent with over 22 years of progressive experience delivering growth and innovation at the intersection of consumer businesses, technology, and analytics. Tony's passion is developing amazing teams and creating the conditions where we make a difference every day in delivering every customer a VIP experience. Tony is also internationally experienced building digital organizations within global companies such as Boeing and Hasbro, while accelerating the strategy and ecosystems of global products with multi-million dollar budgets that deliver experiences to millions of users around the world.

Featured Speaker ProductCon 2019
Featured Speaker Product World 2020
Chief Product Officer Summit 2022
Multiple Time Keynote at over 50 Universities in the US
Title of Presentation:
Transforming a Region - One Team at a Time

Tony's experience moving from the US and conducting Agile transformations in the Middle East (MENA). During the talk, he will explore the why in the region, Agile values are critical, but more importantly, what was learned, what challenges we faced, and what we did to succeed.