Carmen Guerra Jurado

Carmen Guerra Jurado is a Scrum Master, Agile coach, and business agility trainer in the Netherlands. She is characterized by her enthusiastic and creative personality, which comes to the fore in, for example, designing her own retrospectives such as her Golden Apples retro board game or Encanto retrospective. She first came into contact with Agile in 2016, during a major Agile transformation at one of the largest Dutch energy companies, and knew from that moment that she had found her calling. For her, Agile means "getting things done, while having fun", and constantly reviewing what you do to make it better, through transparency and the power of human connection.

Carmen had her first experience as a speaker during the Women in Agile Business Agility Conference NYC in 2020, as part of the Launching New Voices program. Later that year she was a speaker at the Agile Consortium, where she spoke and facilitated a workshop about psychological safety.

You can connect with Carmen on LinkedIn:

Title of presentation: Why is Nobody Talking About Bruno? A Talk About Psychological Safety, Toxic Positivity, and Culture in Your Organisation

Inspired by the movie Encanto, Carmen compares the character Bruno and negative or awkward events that may transpire in our day-to-day work life. Having established the context for the talk, we dive deeper into the importance of psychological safety, organizational culture, and toxic positivity. In conclusion, we discuss the potential effects for not only the people experiencing a 'Bruno', but also what having 'Brunos' in your organization could mean for the organization itself, and why it is important to actually talk about your 'Bruno(s)', unlike the song in the movie Encanto suggests.

Takeaways for participants:

  • Why is psychological safety so crucial in a workplace?
  • What is toxic positivity and how can you recognize it in your workplace?
  • Hopefully a positive reminder of why people work where they work and why it's important for them (to continue) to make their workplace a joyful place to work.