A. Edler and O. Perner

Oliver Perner I am a freelance Enterprise Agile Coach, Flight Levels Coach, Trainer and Consultant for evolutionary, solution-focused agile development of individuals, teams and organizations. Before I started my own business, I worked for several years as a Software Engineer, Product Owner and Scrum Master. I am an active networker in the agile community, organizer of numerous community events and speaker at international agile conferences (A1 Empowering Agile Conference 2019, Agile Tour Austria 2020, ITSV 2021). Among other things, I am the founder of the Meetup platform “Innovation & Agile” (https://www.meetup.com/de-DE/Innovation-and-Agile) and regularly offer workshops on a wide variety of topics such as Agile Corporate Development, Product Owning , Agile Frameworks and Scaling, Business Agility, Leadership, etc. and meanwhile offer over 1500 members the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of the Agile Community. During my many years as an Enterprise Agile Coach, I have accompanied various well-known companies of various sizes, including Runtastic/Adidas, Boehringer-Ingelheim or the University of Vienna. Andreas Edler I work as a business strategy & innovation coach for Product Development and Business Model Generation and support Product Owners and Product Managers as well as Portfolio- and Business Managers as a mentor in close cooperation with Agile Coaches. Earlier in my career, I worked as a User Experience Designer and discovered my passion for product development during projects with Google, Skype and eBay. As a Product Owner, I created products for Telecommunication Companies, large banks and FinTechs as well as for startups and worked with brands such as Formula One and MotoGP. I introduced Business Value Hacking for the first time at the Manage Agile 2021 in Berlin

Title of presentation: Enterprise Agility -  a holistic approach to succeed with your business

Many companies tend to only look at one side of agility - mainly the delivery frameworks out there. Few look at real innovation frameworks or try to develop their own solutions. And almost no company has both at the same time. We think Enterprise Agility should consist of 2 components. 1. Delivering the right thing (business and product innovation) 2. Be able to deliver (build and run a flow system) Building a robust business requires thinking about both components. Why and how this can be achieved will be part of our journey.