Peter Stevens

Peter Stevens is a Founder, Executive, Coach, Author, and Scrum Trainer. Peter started his career as a software developer at Microsoft, at the time a fast-growing startup in Redmond, Washington (USA). He is co-founder of the Personal Agility Institute, Scrum, Agile, and the World Agility Forum. He most recently served as Chief Agility Officer for Vivior AG, the Swiss digital health start-up.

His first book, Ten Agile Contracts: Getting Beyond Fixed-Price, Fixed-Scope bridges the gap between purchasers and vendors of development services using agile methods.

Peter’s second book, Personal Agility: Unlocking Purpose, Alignment, and Transformation, co-written with Maria Matarelli will be published by the Business Agility Institute. Personal Agility is a simple, dialogue-based leadership framework that scales from the individual to the largest organization.

His blog series Extreme Manufacturing, Explained (and ebook by the same name) first documented the principles of applying agility to the challenge of manufacturing physical products. Today these principles are in use at companies like Tesla, SpaceX, and Bosch to create and deliver better products sooner.

Peter’s friendly and pragmatic approach has enabled large and small organizations to achieve successful Agile transformations. “Agility starts in the head. That applies to individuals as well as to the largest organizations. Change is easy if you want to do it. Once people realize what Agility is really about, they always want to go there!”

He is an instrument-rated pilot, speaks 4 languages, and lives in Zurich with his family and 3 cats. Peter supports corporate clients and partners around the world.

Title of presentation: The Agile Executive: Activating the Full Potential of Your Organization.

Agility started out as something that software developers do. But as organizations strive to deal with the challenges of today's complex world, agility offers a way forward. Discover how agility applies to leadership, how today's most responsive companies apply agility to meet their challenges, and how easily you can get started on the path of becoming an agile executive.